Thursday, March 11, 2010

Calangos de Rua hits the Street: Eder's Art in the last 2 weeks here in Salvador

Eder and I met in July, 2006, when I was researching the mayor's program, Salvador Graffita. We met at the Department of Sanitation, where I carried out interviews with several of the graffiti artists involved in the project. I had already seen some of his art and loved it, and so meeting the man behind the art was even more exciting as we dived into the the interview and his comments proved to the most critical and well-educated of anyone I had interviewed. Here we are, almost 4 years later, back in the city. Eder is painting up a storm all over the place, with tons of different artists. He's thrilled to be back in his community to contribute to the beautification of the city. This time, he isn't doing it as part of any government program, but completely on his own. Here's some images of his work so far: (some of these images include Eder's pieces with other artists - the 2nd and 4th images are with Tarcio V. and the 6th to last one is with PeaceTu, and the 2nd to last image is his friend Cicero Matos)

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