Monday, May 17, 2010

By popular demand - more Zaya photos and some graffiti

3 days in a row blogging!!! things are looking good!

Today we took Zaya to the Public Health post in the neighborhood to get her vaccinations - Tuberculosis and Hepatitis B. We walked into an incredibly crowded clinic... the whole first floor was a line that wrapped around the room with people waiting to get vaccines (I think there's a big emphasis to vaccinate everyone here for H1N1 - hmmm). The security guard told us we could go to the head of the line, before anyone, since she is so young and it's her first vaccine, so we were in and out. All the nurses and admin oowed and awed at her and then the doctor stuck in the vaccines - one in her arm, the other in her thigh. I think me, mom and eder suffered more than sweet Zaya, who did scream out, but then was asleep before we even left the room. I really hope we did the right thing - it seems so young to put vaccines in her, but the doctor confirmed, yes, 20 days old is the right time, here you have to do it early.

Other news/stories... I was able to pull off a presentation for the Fulbright regional Enhancement Seminar which took place here in Salvador last week. There were scholars from 5 southern cone countries who came together to present their research projects in the works. I was terribly nervous and anxiety-filled in the days leading up to it - as I've been away from the "research" for some time with the birth, and would I be able to make it (physically), would Zaya handle going so far (an hour drive into the center of the city), and then get through without nursing. All week I was feeling so guilty too that I wasn't there participating in all the activities and watching others' presentations. It was my first experience of having to make a sacrifice - losing a bit of freedom, to be a good mama. I felt I was missing out on a great opportunity. So, all week I worked on my thoughts for what I'd say, put together a power point photo slide show the night before, and picked out some of Eder's videos to show clips of (that never worked out - media issues).

We left the house at 7 am, stocked with back-up everything, and crept, in rush hour traffic, towards the city. I'll spare you the details, but in the end, it all went great. The Fulbrighters were a bit more interested in Zaya than they were the graffiti ; ) very cute. They were so enthusiastic about the whole thing though - the birth story, the research, the art, breastfeeding. The Fulbright coordinators were also terrific, so supportive of my participation - however limited. As I watched the others present, I realized that I am no more "lost" in my research than anyone else, in fact, I have more focus than others I watched. There were some really interesting comments about my presentation - one that stood out in particular: I had discussed how politicians cover up graffiti artists' murals and pieces around election season for their campaign advertisement. They don't give a second thought to painting over beautiful pieces of art. One student asked about the irony of that, that these art pieces are a message and dialogue with the public - and elected officials - about the needs, desires, and wants of a community - and here the politicians just paint over it. I thought that was a great point.

After presenting that day, I also realized that I am living the best days of my life along side a glorious 1, 2 and now 3-week year old, and it's so not worth lamenting about what I could be doing... this is where I've wanted to be my whole life, I'm living it! doing it!!

thanks for listening, reading,

Photo Journal:
1) Zaya's feet; 2) Zaya cute; 3) visit from friends; 4) Zaya in a onesie her cousins made her; 5) Eder's art 6) Eder's art; 7) nonna with Zaya so happy 8) nonna and papai give Zaya a bath;
1) four generations - Eder's g'ma, father, Zaya; 2) Zaya sleeping on my chest - heaven; 3) the Madrinas!!; 4) mom sewing the mosses crib bumper; 5) the colorful team of support - nonna, bipa, the madrinas take a break and hit the beach; 6) Eder's parents checking her out

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  1. Carly, I just flew from Portland to Boulder for a visit, and I put your blog up so I could read it on the plane, just read all these recent posts. I'm so happy for you, it's all so awesome and beautiful. And so good to see everyone down there with you. Please give Zaya a kiss for me and my love to everyone else. Hope I get to see you guys one of these days. Big big love and congratulations. xo Jess