Thursday, May 27, 2010

its the simple, little things she does...

... that keep me in awe...
her arms flailing up when she is even slightly startled out of sleep (she looks like an animated reverend giving a sermon)
her mouth making an O shape so delicate
her eyes opening and closing when she wakes up
her feet. period. they are just too cute, especially how her big toe separates from the others
her breath - the soft smell of milk
watching her chest rise and fall as she sleeps
how she stretches and moves her legs around when she is first waking - especially in the morning
oh, and then when she makes these big yawns so expressive
how she screams and cries when we change her clothes like it's bloody murder
how she makes adorable little squeals as she comes down from crying and is reaching just a whimper.
her farts, her poops, her burps. she does them like an old man!!!
her slight bursts of laughter or more frequently, small smiles, while she sleeps, and dreams, of who knows what
that grip when she wraps her small fingers around one of yours. she's so strong!
when she makes eye contact and just fixates on you with her big big gray/brown eyes
and her hick-ups! all the time, so cute
how she likes when we pour water over her face in the bath - but hates all the rest
how she sucks ferociously when she nurses, and sometimes places one or even both hands on my breast to make sure it doesn't go anywhere
how her lips so luscious, make a sucking motion even when there's no breast in sight
how she gets so quiet and soothed when we put a good song on
how she just passes out on your chest laying down and sleeps divine in that position for hours
how her eyes go cross-eyed and her face wrinkles when she is working up a fart or poop
that cute button of a nose
how her tongue sticks out of her mouth - awake or asleep

today she is one month old. she is our glory.

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