Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Old Wives Tales: child-rearing "advice" from the in-laws

* no kissing Zaya too much (as in the photo above) or it will harm her skin

* blowing air on her stomach (you know, like we do to make kids laugh) will cause gas

* drinking lots of milk while breastfeeding makes for healthier nursing (while in truth, most babies react adversely to lactose in their mothers' diet)

* give babies a creamy/pasty corn or wheat-based porridge (milk, sugar) from the time they're born (called mingau - it's actually better to exclusively breastfeed for first 6 months)

* my milk is not sustaining her. I am not producing enough/its bad quality. i should eat more red meat. beans. give her food, formula. etc.

* when she is coughing or choking on air, blow on her forehead to make it better

* when she has hiccups, stick a red dot (like a piece of string or thread balled up) to her forehead to stop the hiccups (this actually does work!!)

* don't carry her too much - she'll get use to it and won't go down on her own (IMPOSIBLE!)

* piercing her ears now is better than later because it doesn't hurt (ya right)

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