Monday, August 30, 2010

1/3 of a year old

  • she is laughing out loud! not just in her sleep!
  • she found her knees and gently puts both hands on them quite often
  • she'd rather eat a book than read it!
  • she loves the trees, the ocean
  • she prefers to stand than to sit or lay down - and wobbly gets to a standing position then walks (with a little help from her friends).
  • she's allergic to mosquito bites to the viscous attacker the other night (8 bites, one little hand) really caused some damage.
  • she continues to spit up. all the time. i'm finding the zen in doing laundry.
  • she weathered the 24 hour trip both ways from bahia to NY like a champ. 3 planes. 4 airports. she knows its her destiny and is getting ready to accept it.
  • she digs her nonna's accordion playing

around town graffiti

"Jesus Christ is the Man!" (smaller letters - "Pare de Sofrir" - "Stop Suffering". in graffiti - pichacao (tags) and Fael's cow

This weekend we went to a middle/high school in Cajazeiras 7 and helped students from an "afterschool program" graffiti workshop paint their school building.

"Reborn's" beautiful piece falls pray to the infamous wheat-pasted guerrilla street marketing ads.

Eder and Denis paint again here in Castelo Branco and this dude on the motorcycle fits right in!

pick your wall