Monday, January 24, 2011

the smell of burnt mosquito

[going to make this blog limited in words, abundant in photos]

painting our neighbor's house

(Bernadete lives right in front of our house. over the holidays Eder's dad painted her house white. So, I started a campaign to get her permission for eder to do a piece (this has been a looonnng battle) so anyway, i won her over saying that people pay LOTs of money for his art on their house, and he'd do it free!!! so we had a blast that day, it was rainy and sunny, all the kids in the neighborhood gathered around. I had friends in from out out of town who showed me the idea to set up the camera in one place (removed when it rained) and to take shots the whole way through. at the end, bernadete's first comment about the piece was - "her legs are wide open!!" hilarious. she still threatens eder she's going to paint over it. but, happily, she resumed her position in the window, her chin perched on her arms which rest on the sill. And I do say, she compliments the painting well.)

trip to Sao Joaquim market

full-moon view outside our back porch last week (photo credit - Annemarie and John, our treasured guests!!)

and of course, our Queen

i couldn't resist a few links:
my friend Karen's flickr account - some terrific takes of Salvador

ok, and i also couldn't resist a few comments:
1) why do people paint the tree trunks here?? Here's an example of what i mean
2) weather today: Rochester: 10 degrees F; Brooklyn: 18 degrees F; Salvador: 85 degrees!!!!!
3)the reason for the title of this post - a very valuable necessity in these parts

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