Monday, January 10, 2011

... too busy...

... to write a lengthy, wordy, gossipy, loooong blog.

Zaya is sleeping very little. crying a lot. we're trying to figure it all out. trying to ween her off breastfeeding, and she's really not having it. trying to get her to sit on her own and play by herself, she's not feeling that either. so, it leaves very little free time. but, she rocks none the less, so playful, so cute, so sweet, so funny... even during her hard times I can't help but love her insanely. but, needless to say, I am open to any parenting advice and ideas people have, cuz this job is one of the most humbling i've ever had.

since i got back from NY a week ago, I've learned how to do layout (basics) in In Design and created a basic template for the book, finished writing a grant proposal for a big wall that the artists here want to paint (attaching photo) and wrote one artist bio, oh, and finished editing the Portuguese of the artist bios I've already written. phew! I think with the clock ticking and our time here winding down, I'm realizing how down to the wire i am to get things done.

Request: looking for any volunteers who would like to help me to edit the English version of the artist biographies I wrote after interviewing them. They average 1 to 1 1/2 pages each. Since I'm hoping to publish the book, I need at least one person to read over what I wrote!! ; ) hard to find English-speakers here in Brazil.

* pictures... zaya driving - already!
* eder"s whole fam... day in the country
* the wall we want to be a mural

GREAT ONLINE GRAFFITI MAGAZINE OUT OF SAO PAULO MOST RECENT ISSUE (featuring eder muniz and some other artists from bahia)

Eder's latest art here

Eder's latest video: Aremba

mural project idea we have... and the artist from phili we're hoping to work with on it

ahhh.. you can see the complete "best of Zaya" album of photos here. And here is another album with more recent, but fewer photos...

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