Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zaya is talking up a storm, and it sounded as if the word "papai" came out of her mouth on friday evening. that means "dad" in portuguese. So, Eder's mom proclaims "Carly's next kid will be a boy!" yet another brazilian custom i learn along with zaya's growth.

she is walking around hanging onto things, LOVES the tupperware shelf, eating fruits we've never heard of, laughs so hard she gets hiccups - usually at little kids. she's quite nosy - has to know what's going on the walkway in front of our house - who is coming and going, which motorcycle is passing by, which boys are playing futbol. She gets so happy to see her uncle Evandro, Eder's youngest brother, who really is quite funny. She is surrounded by so many aunts and uncles - William, Tais, Danilo, Edson, Catarine, Evandro and Clesia, grandparents - Tio Tonho, Tia Luisa, Dona Maria, Seu Dinho, Grandgrandma Augusta and the neighbors in the front Dona Bernadette, Ivana, Vania, Diego, Diani, Burgelo, Cristina... then there's Giselle in the front who is 3, and Junior who is also 3 and lives down the street. There's Fabio, Leandro, Cawan, Tailani, Estefani, Elaine, Daniel, George who all live on our little street too. There's relatives who live closeby and are over all the time - Rita, Henrique, Tia Nalva, Tio Paulo, Pedro, Camile, Thiago, Felipe, Adriele. It's an abundance of people, all pouring love onto Zaya. I got sick the other day and was in bed with my stomach in knots (i think it was raw chicken that did it) and i was brought 2 different teas that they made with leaves of plants the neighbors had, and then someone rubbed some massage oil onto my stomach, another remedy. All so sweet, so caring. Zaya was whisked away and taken care of by Eder's brother and his little cousins who can keep her happily entertained for hours. I really couldn't take getting sick... I've got enough to battle with with my wrists. Looks like what I've got is a sort of tendinitis - common in postpartum. I tried to use the public health system to get some medicine for it... went with Dona Maria to the health clinic that specializes in bones and joints and stuff... (orto...?) and we waited in a line soooo long. i guess there were 3 attending doctors. was interesting to do some people watching, participate in public health, see the big old dead cochroach on the floor next to the garbage can. I knew why so many people moved through there quite quickly once i had seen the dr who didn't even look at my hand, nor take x-ray or anything. just said it was normal and wrote me a referral to another doctor at another place. another day Maria tried to make my appointment there and they won't attend me since i'm not brazilian - only if it were an emergency.

our days are going by so fast, weeks fly by, before I know it it's another sunday, like today. eder and i are in a fight and not speaking, and it sounds like so are danilo and tais, so are catarine and edson. good times. maybe the heat is getting to us all, who knows? I'd love to be at the beach though the weather is perfect for it. i think i'll pack a bag just in case anyway, so when zaya wakes up, we finish eating lunch and eder gets home, we'll be all set to go! the sun sets at 6pm here so you gotta be on it. funny that now tia luiza and dona maria both actively invite me and eder to sunday lunch. nice to have a plethora of places : )

i certainly feel totally unmotivated to "work." i have one bio to translate and edit down just a bit. i have another interview to transcribe, and then write. i still have to interview eder, which will be tough since we're not speaking. and then write his, etc... i have to write the intro to the book, paste all the writing into the pages and make it fit (not fun) and do all the glossary, references, etc... it's a shitload of work left and i'm not feeling any any desire to work today. i'd rather watch romantic comedy movies like the one i just finished (takes me 2-3 days to get through a movie) - "Love and Other Drugs." I think it's time that I come to terms with and admit that my favorite movie genra is not foreign movies, nor documentaries. nope. not even drama. It's romantic comedies... or romance period. i loved Hitch. Seven Pounds. and now this one... what a great way to escape reality.

ok, going to go be more productive than this blog... and stop complaining, as life is rich and wonderful. The sun shines bright. There's beautiful drumming and live in the house behind ours, down the hill. it's a condomble ceremony. i just put out my voice recorder to tape it. been meaning to do that. i'll try to upload it later.

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