Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A great day...

On a Monday morning, waking up, a bit bummed that the long Easter family-filled tons of food weekend had come to an end. Decided to see if my friend Niousha, who is living in Salvador for a couple of months, was up for going to the beach? Why not, I mean, it's Monday morning afterall, and what better thing for an unemployed broke person living in Salvador to do but hit up the beach. Niousha happily agreed to the idea, and I got Zaya all ready to go (i've become a pro at packing up the beach essentials quite quickly). Two buses, two hours and what felt like an entire tour of the city later, I descent, carsick, in front of beautiful barra beach. Fortunately, Zaya had slept (nursing) on my chest the whole bus ride, so when she woke up and met Niousha and saw the water, she was a bundle of joy. We nestled under an umbrella (U.S. $2 to rent) and set out our kangas and ordered 2 coconut waters which come in the coconut of course.

Niousha took Zaya out to the water and though a bit nervous, she (Zaya, not Niousha) didn't scream or cry and sort of was willing to entertain the idea of the sea. That particular beach is nice because it's cut off by barrier reefs so the waves are very small.

A bit later one of the women working on the beach let Niousha know that the fishermen had arrived with the fresh (still alive!) fish and she bought 4 small red-snappers - i think.
We brought them home and Niousha proceeded to whip up a delicious fish dish cooked in onions, red, yellow and green peppers, olive oil, coconut milk and probably some special spices that made it take SO GOOD.
Almost as good as the simple green beans with garlic and potatoes with fresh rosemary. Did I forget to mention that the apt her and her man "Mo" are renting is right on the ocean, so you walk in and there's a floor to ceiling window in the front that is opened up and gives the impression that you'd step right out into the ocean!

We ate, we were merry. Zaya even fell asleep right as we were about to eat (that never seems to work out so well). After lunch we danced salsa (wow! it's been years) and drank ginger tea. Zaya was having so much fun discovering all the fun things at her eye level, moving her hips to salsa, and staring out at the ocean in the front and the beautiful green out back where she watched the birds flying around and kept saying "eh!" "eh!" The sunset was spectacular.

Niousha accompanied us to the bus stop and first we stopped to buy some groceries at the fancy expensive store, and the guy offered us generous samples of the Grano Padano Parmesan cheese i live for these days. Then (after a 45 min wait, a bit of a bummer) me and zaya got on a packed bus and where people kept bending over backwards to help this nutty mom with a baby nursing on her front and 3 bags of groceries and a beach bag dangling from my shoulders. We relaxed on the 45 minute ride home and were so wiped out but so happy when we arrived.

ahhh, there is so much i'll miss about living here.


Zaya's new friend from down the street, Iara...
Iara's uncle making acaraje on good friday

another outdoor bath, with warm water

miss curious

eating lunch on saturday, out at Eder's parent's "country home." (gotta love the sitting-on-the-floor culture)
Saturday again, eder, zaya, tia luiza and the dog, ralphie (pronounced "halfie")

they look so cute together
Easter Sunday

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